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Jeanette Winterson:
'I love Michael Symmons Roberts's poetry. He is a religious poet in a secular age. His work is about the connection between the things of the spirit and the things of the world. And his work is about transcendence.'

The Observer (Adam Thorpe):
“ Michael Symmons Roberts’ poems are intense and sensual explorations of the moment when the soul quickens to some ice-cracking life”

The Guardian (Robert Potts):
“ He reflects on the world in a way that is informed by a sense of grace, of transcendence, but the pieces are grounded in detail, beautifully expressed, subtly luminous.”

The Independent (Christina Patterson):
“ In his gorgeously meditative collection, Corpus, Michael Symmons Roberts takes a cool, hard look at his own mortal coil, moving between images of his body ‘on the slab’ and glimpses of intimacy and absence.”

Online readings and audio CD

Poetry Archive dot org

Hear Michael reading his work for the National Poetry Archive at www.poetryarchive.org There are several free downloads of poems on the site, and a CD to buy, which includes the full one-hour reading.

A new SELECTED POEMS is published this month, with poems drawn from Michael's six published collections, from Soft Keys (1993) to Drysalter in (2013). The SELECTED POEMS has received a Special Commendation from the Poetry Book Society.

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